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Hi Wellness Pro!

Imagine your client wants to lose weight. What if you knew her genetic propensity for:

  • Difficulty losing weight and overweight potential
  • Addictive personality
  • Altered fat taste perception
  • Sweets addiction
  • Satiety impairment
  • Exercise aversion
  • Low vegetable intake
  • Low-fat and low-carb diet effectiveness
  • And more. Many more in fact. Over 140 traits!

Would this "insider" knowledge make it easier to find a weight loss strategy that works?  

And there is more to genetics than losing weight. Nutrition, vitamins and minerals, metabolism, allergies, workout effectiveness and even personality traits. It's all in the genes!

Now it's easier than ever to use genetics in your practice thanks to the Wellness Traits service. It is the only service created specifically for wellness pro like you. 

Just fill out this short survey, and we'll get back to you with the details. The service is free for wellness pros, and there is no commitment from you of any kind.