Frequently Asked Questions

I. Wellness Traits

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Most companies will use single genetic variations that are available in publicly accessible studies to assess whether or not you may have highor low risk variations. This can be problematic because you may have multiple genetic variations that are associated with a trait and still have low risk for that trait. Our technology looks at genetic patterns impacting multiple genetic traits and is enhanced by an artificial intelligence algorithm that automatically adds new scientific knowledge as it becomes available.
At Wellness Traits, you control your data and profile and can delete your data and profile at any time. This will erase your raw genetic data from our databases. Reports generated will be kept for your future reference. Wellness Traits does not share any personally identifiable genetic information with any other third party entities without your formal request and explicit permission. Wellness Traits takes the security of your data seriously. We use state of the art security measures and encryption technologies to safeguard your personal information. You will be responsible for safeguarding your login information and should not share your authentication information to any third party. Please notify us of any unauthorized use of your password.

II. Reports

Yes. If you don't immediately have your raw data file, you can still buy our reports and upload it whenever you receive your test results. Thereis no deadline for uploading your raw data file.
When reading your results look at the color bar to determine your levelof impact! Green (little to no impact), Yellow (medium impact), Red (high impact). If you have any questions please consult your Doctor, Registered Dietitian or Health Provider.
There are many factors to consider when reading your genetics-based wellness assessment. Most wellness traits are influenced by three components: your genetics, your environment from your birth to year 7, and your current lifestyle choices. As such, genetics is not the only determinant for the actual presence of a trait. Genetic variations can only tell you the statistical likelihood that you are at risk of a particular trait such as vitamin deficiency or skin youthfulness. Additionally, the majority of the large-scale studies performed have been done primarilyon European populations. While most genetic traits are affected by the same genetic variations regardless of ethnicity, the degree of influenceof each genetic variation may vary across populations. We use many factors such as genetics, your environment and your current lifestyle choices. We strive to keep up with the latest developments in the field of Wellness Genomics, and we provide you with the most up-to-date information.
For every trait, we provide you with the list of genetic variations present in your DNA that impact the traits both contributing to the risk and likelihood as well as protecting against it. When you click on thosevariations, you will be taken to further resources that provide the studies linked to that variation and its connection to the particular trait.
From eye color to sensitivity to the sun to risks of complex diseases, your DNA controls everything about you. Genetic variations are the differences in the DNA between individuals. This includes how the bodyprocesses nutrients, muscle and joint structure, skin characteristics, and many other traits. Knowledge of your genetics can be utilized for preventive purposes, leading to healthier life choices.
The genes and the SNPs are selected based on two criteria:
  1. The significance of the statistical relationship strength between the genetic variations and the trait within the scientific literature.
  2. The presence of that genetic variation within a genotype-phenotype cluster.
Having a genetic variant that can increase the impact of disease and other traits does not necessarily mean that a person has the disease orwill get the disease. Using the color bar you can indicate your level of impact for a disease. Knowing this information may help you to take preventive action. For example, landing on red on the color bar puts you at higher genetic-based risk for deficiency in vitamin D.
Every trait has three components - nature (genetics), nurture (upbringing), and current lifestyle (behavior). We generate reports on traits that combine a strong genetic influence with highly reliable results. Sometimes genetic variants run in the family but don’t expressthemselves in your specific case. If you are more likely to have exercise aversion, it means someone with the same genetic variant as you found it more difficult to motivate themselves to exercise. Your family upbringing and personal choices can overcome your genetics. Infact, this is the main reason we offer you this information: so that you can use it to overcome your potential variations through a change in lifestyle. If you are exercising despite being at high risk for exercise aversion , you should be more proud of your achievement compared tosomeone who has a low risk for exercise aversion.

III. Client/Provider Setup

  1. Click on become a provider client button on the main page
  2. Fill in registration form and accept all terms and agreements
  3. You will receive an email with a link that validates your account (be sure to white-list our email address or it may show up in spam or junk folder)
  4. Click the link to validate and wait for approval from wellness traits team
  5. While you're waiting to receive your approval email you can start to personalize your account. You will receive a Welcome package with all the details
  6. You can add your logo, email, and picture/bio for your business
  7. Additionally you can create your own trait package (with custom photos and bio)
  8. When approved you will be entered into a provider directory where clients can choose to share their reports with you
  9. You may also invite your personal clients to share their DNA reports with you using this platform via a link which we provide for you!
  10. Once your report is generated you can share it with your client through email or directly through the portal. This can be achieved by clicking the share/ download button
  11. Now it’s your time to shine! Unlock information that can only be provided through genetic testing and improve your business!
  1. Click on the client button
  2. Fill in the registration form and accept all terms and agreements
  3. You will receive an email with a link that validates your account (be sure to white-list our email address or it may show up in spam or junk folder)
  4. Click the link to validate and wait for approval from the wellness trait team
  5. Once approved, you can shop for packages created by wellness traits or you can visit the directory and find a provider
  6. Once you find a provider, you can either purchase packages created by them or have them review a report that you received from WellnessTraits
  7. Depending on the site you use for your genetic test, you may uploadyour data as explained in “How do I upload my raw data?”
  8. You will receive an alert when your report is ready. To share the report, click the SHARE button and click on your selected provider
  9. To download the report, click DOWNLOAD
  1. Go to your account and select create package
  2. Enter new package name
  3. Select your image for the package
  4. Enter the description of your package
  5. Select the traits to include in your package keeping in mind that each trait is $4 USD
  6. At the bottom of the traits page, check the box to send for approval
  7. You will receive a pop up message that your product has been submitted for review
  8. You may check on the status of approval under the MY PACKAGES tab. Note that the status is pending review at first
  9. Once your package is approved you will get an approval email and the status will change to Active
  10. Click on the product name to review, you can find your products in ACCOUNT under MY PACKAGES
  11. Copy the link and use it to invite your private clients to use/ purchase your product
  12. Your clients can provide feedback on the package in the reviews section
  • 23andme:
    To download your raw DNA file, on your home page, press Tools, then BrowseRaw Data. Click on Download to the right of Browse. Scroll down to the bottom ofthe page. Enter your password and press the green Download Raw Data buttonat the bottom
    To download your DNA files, sign on to your Ancestry account and fly over theDNA tab. You'll see the selection, “Your DNA Home Page” -- click on that. Thenclick on “Manage Test Settings” to the right of the “View Results” box.
  • FTDNA:
    To download your raw DNA file, sign in to your myFTDNA account. On the menubar, click myFTDNA > MyDNA > Family Finder > Download RawData.Click on the data and build you wish to download
  • Living DNA
You may upload your own file. Parents/Guardians/Caretakers may upload files for their family members/patients/clients.
Of course! Share your Report with anyone you wish. You can download your Reports, print them, and share them through your secure account.